(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Can I come by to pickup my order instead of shipping?
Brick and mortar storefronts cost too much! Since the prints are done nearly at-cost, this becomes a cost-savings in dedicated funds. Low-cost signs benefit the friends, the congregations and the many SMPW programs. So we would prefer to pass on the savings rather the drive costs up!

(2) Can I come by and pay by cash or by check?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a storefront (see #1) to accept cash. Don’t send cash in the mail! Checks are also not recommended. It just takes too long to mail, process and clear with the bank (10-14 business days). It’s best to use CREDIT or DEBIT cards. All major credit and debit cards are accepted online and we ONLY use secure payment platforms to process your payment. This makes it simple and secure!

(3) How long does it take to process the order?
Generally, it takes 7-12 business days to process the order depending on the workload at the moment you submit the order. However, at times it could be faster. We recommend that you place your order at least 15-20 days before you need it in hand. For example, if you need something by the 1st of the month, be sure to place the order before the 15th of the previous month. Anticipation for upcoming campaigns would also be recommended!

(4) Why did I not receive my entire order?
No need to be alarmed. Printed signs and other supplies may be shipped from different facilities. If you received part of your order, it doesn’t mean we forgot other parts of it. Hold tight and they will be along soon.

(5) How do I check on the shipping status on my order?
– Go to: https://www.publicwitnessing.info/jw
– Click “My Account” (top-left)
– Login with your username and password
– Click “Orders”
– Click “View” to see your order
– See status “Shipment Tracking” (bottom)
– If shipment tracking is not showing, that indicates that it is not ready for shipping

(6) Why did my credit card get declined?
Unfortunately, this can happen. Sometimes, it could be a typo (gasp)! Sometimes, the card is declined due to the bank’s fraud detection alerting system. The bank may flag the transaction and you will receive an email or text alert. Simply acknowledge the purchase and try again.

(7) What if there is an issue with my order?
Best course of action? Email us! You can try calling, but the phones are not covered at all times. Most days, the printing machines run loud and we cannot hear the phones. If you email your question or issue, you will indeed have a quicker response than leaving a voice message.